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About the Artist

Ardis Barrow Muralist Art and Atmosphere


My philosophy is that art on walls should create atmosphere. Hand painted rooms can be a bold focal point, or create a subtle background for the whole. My work can range in style from representational, to graphic patterns, to more abstract. 

Whatever the design, I believe in the ability of wall art to transform a space and evoke emotion- be it to calm and bring peace, or excite and inspire play and creativity. What feeling do you want your environment to create? 

The work I do at Art and Atmosphere is extremely customized, and uniquely based on each client's needs and desires. I create a design and color sample before we begin, and submit an estimate. 

I don't consider my work as separate from the space, but part of the overall atmosphere. When I work with an interior designer or client I like to tailor the wall art to their particular space and vision. I take into account what already exists in the room, or if they are working with an interior designer, I will enhance and accommodate the new design.


I work in New York City and surrounding areas. I have also recently completed projects in Westchester and Berskshire counties as well.

-Ardis Barrow

Art and Atmosphere

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